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Update | BRB · Blog Break

Hey! It’s the Girl (again!) with another blog post for my awesome readers. This is the last week of March and few days until school reopen but I still have to attend school tomorrow (extra class lesson #lifeasanexpress). I be right back, because I just remembered my unfinished homework that is due tomorrow.

Also be right back, because I’m taking a blog break. 

Starvingforfashion is taking a much needed break.

It’s been a long time since I eat yogurt. Hehe.. just sharing my life. To remain you to eat healthy food.

Blog life + Study life = my life

To be honest, I have been thinking of my future (Haziqah’s future and starvingforfashion’s future). Blogging is important to me but so are my school life. If I’m not starvingforfashion, I will be Haziqah, the girl who have huge dreams and do anything for it. 

The  future depends on what I do today.

I’m tired. Exhausted of life, but thanks to this quotes. It slap my face so hard.

I’m not done with life nor my blog. My life is not an end. I will not quit and I will never. Cause a professional writer is an amateur who doesn’t quit. I think I am the professional. I love to write and I will continue writing although it’s not that good but I love it and I hope you do too.
I thought this long and hard. 

I want to change my life (not change myself) into something way better than this. To be organized and can balance between starvingforfashion life with Haziqah’s life.I have to improve my study and my life. I need a little break because I’m tired. Lack of sleep, causing face problem. Things that’s not supposed to grow. I need to take care of my health and beauty. My face is now oily and dry.I been searching face tips and I will try it out. 

If you have noticed my lack of involvement right now,you might not be surprised. But right now, I’m officially in study-mode and you won’t see me anywhere. Expect instagram but this month, I don’t have pictures to post on instagram. I have no time to go out and take my ootd. I apologize. I also been thinking to change my instagram account into something different. I think I will try to add an instagram theme. Thank you pinterest for the help. Wish me luck for this 

Let’s all I want to share about my unimpressive life but quite interesting. Im really for April everyone.  I will definitely make a mini planner for April. I hope I will.

Just for your information, This year is my exam year. I will definitely have alot of blog break. I love my blog and I don’t want to loss it. For my readers who supported me, I just want thank you for all the great feelings you gave to me.

See you in two weeks!


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