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Book | Does My Head Look Big in This?

Does My Head Look Big in This? By Randa Abdel-Fattah.

My very first Book in my entire life and it’s unforgettable experience to read. I bought this book in 2015 after I read it twice in 2014. I read it over and over again without feeling bored of it. Every single word mean a thousand story.

If you haven’t read this book, here’s the summary I got in the internet.

When sixteen-year-old Amal decides to wear the hijab full-time, her entire world changes, all because of a piece of cloth… Sixteen-year-old Amal makes the decision to start wearing the hijab full-time and everyone has a reaction. Her parents, her teachers, her friends, people on the street. But she stands by her decision to embrace her faith and all that it is, even if it does make her a little different from everyone else. Can she handle the taunts of “towel head,” the prejudice of her classmates, and still attract the cutest boy in school? Brilliantly funny and poignant, Randa Abdel-Fattah’s debut novel will strike a chord in all teenage readers, no matter what their beliefs.

I have my reasons to read this book.

  1. The main character is name Amal Abdel-Hakim ( and my name is Nor Amal Haziqah. Get the point!)
  2. I used to wonder what life outside Brunei (My beautiful country)
  3. I judge a book by it’s cover. The cover of the book is very important because the power of the cover is to attract the reader and look beautiful to take picture of it.
  4. Teenager life problem during my days (the good old days in the first year of high school, now, this year is my last year of high school)

Born as Muslim and islam as my religion. I can’t imagine the problem in the book in my life because I grow up in the Muslim country and islam as the right religion. This is the way I imagine the outside world by reading. I’m not a bookworm but I do adore books.

The book doesn’t just tell about Amal’s life problem after she decided to do what she think is right for her. The book are about life, family and friends. Amal’s best friends also have their own problem. Everyone have their own problem, hard or easy to solve.

Amal’s friends support her, although they’ve got a few troubles of their own. Simone, blonde, gorgeous and overweight – she’s got serious image issues, and Leila’s really intelligent but her parents are more interested in her getting a marriage certificate than her high school certificate.

I want to share my favorite part of the story :

The slide opened and I heard a gentle, kind voice: What is your confession, my child?

I was stuffed. The Priest would declare me a heretic; my parents would call me a traitor…

The Priest asked me again: What is your confession, my child?

I’m Muslim. I whispered.

Welcome to my world. I’m Amal Abdel-Hakim, a seventeen year-old Australian-Palestinian-Muslim still trying to come to grips with my various identity hyphens.

It’s hard enough being cool as a teenager when being one issue behind the latest Cosmo is enough to disqualify you from the in-group. Try wearing a veil on your head and practising the bum’s up position at lunchtime and you know you’re in for a tough time at school.

The message I got from this book are :

  1. No matter how hard life is, it will be okay if you change it
  2. Everyone have problem. Don’t think that God is unfair.
  3. Something crazy could change everything in to something extraordinary.
  4. Think about yourself before you think about the ones you love.
  5. Follow your heart. If that Is the best for you, than go for it.
  6. You have your own believes and everyone can’t judge that.

This book is suitable for the age of 13 to 17 but I read it when I was 12. Easy to understand but very good impressive words been use and the author describe in details.

My rate is 5/5 (cause its my first book and my favorite)

This is my review on the book. I hope you enjoy it and to remind you that this is my first review ever. I wish and hope I will do reviews like this (base on books, music, Fashion and everything exciting).

Have you read Does My Head Look Big in This? If you have, what’d you think? Leave thoughts in the comments below!


One thought on “Book | Does My Head Look Big in This?

  1. The book does sound extremely interesting – especially because it is outside of my culture. I’m very fascinated by the small excerpt!! The part about getting a marriage certificate instead of a high-school certificate was something in my culture too…. I somehow feel a deep unknown connection to this book… Maybe reading it will open a new channel in my head! It is now in my To-Read list!



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