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What have I been doing?

After along day of school, I decided to blog about what have I been doing with my life.

So things had happened. Alot of things, mostly on the end of my finger. I have to confessed, my heart always deny it but it is totally true. I am addicted to my huawei phone and my beloved iPad. If you know me well,you will say it’s true. I have spent most of my luxurious time with social media and exotic games. I had become the social media girl and the game girl.

Social Media Girl

The place I seek for inspiration and knowledge. Kinds of knowledge. To create new opportunity in life. Here I share to you my social media account and you are most welcome to follow me in my unimpressive life but quite interesting to be in.

This is my top favorite five social media :

Let me describe my love to social media apps.

Instagram | Oh Instagram, I love you. You’re full of pretty visuals and you’re so much fun to look at! I could scroll through your feed for ages and ages …

Pinterest | love and lots of love. My palace to rest my mind for searching the very specific pictures and here they are. Beautiful and extremely extraordinary.

Youtube | You are my tube to my problems. Friend to tell me what to do if I am absolutely clueless. Problems solve!

Bloglovin’| easy and quick! Just a click and you got it. The place I go if I’m lack of blog posts to read. Love to read yours, do leave your blog website in the comments below.

Twitter | the place I go when I need inspiration and friend to tell. My laughter box and anxious box to be honest.

Game Girl

It’s been ages since I played with my ipad. Why don’t I give it a try (again)?

Fashion Story | being a fashion entrepreneur is quite interesting but not so fun in reality. Vivy Yusof is my role model to be if one day I am a business lady. I can’t even handle fashion game shop and look at Vivy Yusof now, super successful in her life. She’s extremely deserved her life now to pay of everything she did for herself and love ones. Just to make it clear, I still starving to play this game and never getting older.

Bakery Story | it’s more or less than Fashion Story

I used to play this game few years back when I was addicted to Facebook. Right now, I don’t even know how to use Facebook. What is the function of Facebook anyway. When I was a kid and owned her very own Facebook account, I used it only to play Facebook games and upload pictures of cartoon. Cause… I don’t really remember my child hood memories with Facebook.

Old vs New

Episode | Everyone have their own destiny. Chosen by them or by others but with the willing of our creator. Living in the life we want or otherwise. The fun part of this Game is that we can choose our own destiny but different kinds of story.

That’s all I’ve been doing this few weeks back.

Right now, I need a break to think about useful stuff for the benefits of this blog and my future life. I will still be blogging for you all.

In my follow up blog post, with the willing of God (Insha Allah) I will be writing about my previous school sport day. It will be in the Currently section. I am thinking of doing Book reviews and Music reviews in my future blog post but to make it clear, my main topic in my blog is about Fashion. Cause I’m starving for fashion!

I try to blog everyday but I can’t promise you I will blog everyday. I try and (Insha Allah) I will. I’m blogging with my phone and I apologize for my writing skills. I’m still struggling to improve it but it’s not so bad right.

That’s all from me, Haziqah Hassan. Happy School Holidays Bruneian! And until next time guys!

What have you been doing?


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