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Modest Fashion To Me

What does modest fashion means to me?
Fashion is the trend. Fashion is around us. It is universal. We united because of Fashion although we have the difference. Difference by believes and religion. Modesty is in ourselves, not in religion. Modesty represent Muslim and Muslim represent islam. Our religion.
I am Muslim and proud to say that I am Muslim Blogger. I don’t usually write about islam. As I want to show to my readers my compassion to writing and also my religion. I show it by fashion ,or should I say modest fashion. Hijab is our thing. Hijab is a part of modest fashion. Step by step we follow fashion because we want to fit in with the others. We also want to go to jannah. Every problem has the solution. We can be fashionable and also be the one we have to be.
Modesty is in your heart. Fashion is your passion. You need a passion heart, to show you own the passion heart is by combining modesty and fashion.
I know that I am the unlucky girl in the world but I have faith in winning this. With the willing of my creator, Allah, if I have the chance to win. I will attend this magnificent event #mosmmod2017 with my best friend @amalazimah who is also love modest fashion like me.
I wish event like this would continue in the future because modest fashion represent us who is proud to say they are the modest fashion.
P.S : I love to write things like this, so sorry for the very long caption. I am a blogger and I already used to write this long.

I won a pair of tickets to cosmmod but I can’t attend cause it’s in Singapore and I have school to attend. 


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