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Istiqomah is key


Last time, I talked about wanting to change. With your full willingness, you wanted to change to be a better muslim. That’s good. That’s great. Praise to be Allah. That’s Him knocking your heart’s door and YOU are the one that opened it because you decided to be open about it.

Now, when you decided to leave everything behind you. Your so called “influential” friends. Your free haired days. Your “darling” and what not, never ever think that is the only thing you should do, and stop. No, no and no.

You can see that Satan never stops. He keeps on whispering to us. Influencing us. Trying to make us do sinful things. Did you know he actually doesn’t attack the one who is already in his “gang” but he puts more effort on attacking the ones who are full on strength holding on to the faith.

That is the reason why Istiqomah is important. Our Ieeman is never the same. Sometimes it goes up, sometimes it goes down. Sometimes its strong, sometimes its weak. With the chances of us getting trap by this worldly life and the devil’s whispers, we have to maintain our Ieeman.

How? Personally for me, its your intentions. Who are you changing for? Why did you want to change? Everything is in your intention. If you wanted to change because of wanting people’s attention, that’s wrong. If you wanted to change because it is a trend, that’s wrong. Wallahi! The exact reason why you should change is nothing but only because of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala. He should be in your up most chart in your heart as to why and who you are willing to change for. Scarificing everything from your past, only because of Him.

Another point is that you need to always feed your soul and heart. With what? With things that remind you of Allah, Akhirah and death. Go kto talks at your local Masjeed. Go to a seminar that talks about Islam. Be friend those who are pious and stick with them. Join camps that makes you learn and brings you closer to Allah. Help people and always rethink the consequences that it beholds. Never make space for the devil to try to bring you down. Make yourself busy with thinking about Akhirah and things that benefit you to it, so you don’t have time to worry about Dunya. Read the Seerah of the Prophet and his companions. Read books about Islam. Discover and learn more about Islam. Fall in love with Islam. Fall in love with Allah, His prophet and the Quran, and InShaAllah you will be happy.

Have you tried reading the Quran and actually understanding it? Why not, get hold of a Tafseer and read. Fall in love with every bits of the words that is written in the Quran. Those are the words of Allah. Only for you to realize that He is actually talking to you through the Quran. Amazing isn’t it? You only have to understand it and you can fall in love with it.

There are alot of ways that you can do, but I can only name a few. So try your best at always feeding your soul and most importantly maintaing your Ieeman.

Istiqomah is key.

Apologies for the less detailed writings
May Allah be pleased with what I have said.
Nur Iman.

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See ya next time Iman!


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