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Life| In February, february in life.

Hey my loyal readers!

I totally can’t believe we are already in March, time fly so fast.

Here are few things happened in February.

School | life as a student has never been easy to me or to anyone. You know what I mean. I had an awful February in school. I did a lot of mistake and I am very clumsy. During chemistry practical, I was heating a test tube and the test tube suddenly drop to the floor. Everyone was looking at me and I know it was my mistake but I blamed the test tube. I don’t know why I blamed it on an object.

A lot of school work to do and still haven’t Finnish any essay for February. I don’t have time to read books but I do have time to read blog. If you have a blog, comment below and leave your website.

Results | I got my SSSRU results. It was pretty good, not so bad. I got the level that I wanted but I didn’t achieved my target, almost, it was just 3 numbers apart. It feel like back to school when I went to my Ugama school to get my results. I met the teachers and my beloved friends. And some other students who know me said hi, I think I was popular when I was an Ugama student. I had been one of the prefect for two years and I was very nice to everyone (too nice…)

Event | my interest in fashion is not just curiously but passion. I went to an outstanding event by orient ( you can read all about the event here )

About Me | I just know that I am nomophobie. I can’t stay away from my phone. I was addicted to it, so badly. I wasted my precious study time play with my phone.

I’ve been doing kinda useless stuff. Or should I say lazy stuff. Whatever. For the past few days, I’ve been super active to social media. If you guys follow me on twitter or Instagram, you can see me like pictures and retwitted something. Cause I think I don’t have some other useful stuff to do. ( I do useful things to do such as preparing for my o’level #reminderforme.)

iPad | before I own a phone I had an iPad. I recently fall in love with my iPad. Falling in love again. Played games I used to play.

That’s all for my life in February. I hope you enjoy it. I think I will having a little break from blogging and for my social media but I will absolutely read blogs ( I would love to read yours)

I had a long day to day. Went to school early in the morning until 2pm and went home to get ready for a movie night with my siblings at The Mall. I was super excited to go to The Mall because Vivy Yusof was there. Sadly, she had to go back to Kuala Lumpur for a fashion show. Although she wasn’t there, I still went to FashionValet clearance sale (only in brunei). I bought aere, the brand I really adore since they started it. I went there with my sister, she is the one who with the money, so she will do the paying (thanks sis!). As I was in the line to pay, I saw Vivy’s husband, Fadza. He is more charming in real life. Everyone had their chances to take pictures with him but I didn’t cause I wasn’t paying at him ( he is doing the cashier thing). I wish Vivy was there. I really hope I can meet her one day but hey! I saw her husband. Please do come to brunei again some day.

Everyone is taking pictures with Fadza. Well, I took a picture with this gorgeous lady. She’s super friendly and amazingly beautiful.

Right now I am on my bed typing this blog post with my FashionValet bag next to me. Sleeping with it to night. My first ever from FashionValet and aere.

Until next time, bye!


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