Forgiveness for a friend

Who am I to you?

Just A Friend

We don’t talk like we used too. We never talk. You texted but I never reply. Cause your words cut deeper than a knife. My heart is full with your words. When I see your face, I remember your words.

I have nothing to say to you. I know you so well. You will always win. That’s make you, you.

You described my classmates as new friends. They’re been my classmate since last year, my dear. They are not my new friends.

Do you mean I’m not allowed to have more than one friend?

We are not together. We don’t sit next to each other. We don’t even study in the same room.

This is my last year of high school. Doesn’t that mean this year is our last friendship? I hope this is not the year I lost everything.

I’m sorry.
Not even sorry deserve an it’s okay in return.
I didn’t ask for your forgiveness. I never did.

You think I changed. I think you changed. Or we both had changed. We just too blind to see the truth.

This is my fault. This is our problem.

Can we be friends? Again?


2 thoughts on “Forgiveness for a friend

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