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L’orient 1st year anniversary

The entrance door was wide open to allowed people to enter. The indication on the board stated that this is place where L’orient was having their 1st year anniversary.

The event was imbued with ostentatious decoration. There was a tree with golden leaves and bright fruit bulb. Incandescent neon purple well-lit the L’orient symbol. It light up so brightly, so beautiful. I can’t resist. I know I had to capture the moment. I did.

As I walk in with my friend, a lady approached us and asked if we were the VIP. I wished I could answer “yes!” but I’m not the VIP. She told me that I came early than the time. I did come early than the time. I don’t know there was the VIP section and non-VIP section. Thank god we didn’t ask to wait outside; we were asked to just stand up because all the seats were packed with VIP.

Who were the VIPs?

The VIPs are Models, bloggers, Influence instagramer, Professional photographer, designers, the owner’s family and friends. I saw May (@themayden) and phoebe sitting beside each other and at the opposite side of them was Amal K (@cupofnameste). I was in the same room with the people I admired. It was amazing.

The models walk gaily yet sophisticated with elegance and passion. The photographers flash their camera to take their magnificent shot.  Struck with its’s intricate beauty, I took abundance of picture during the aforementioned event with my Huawei P9.

As the end of the runway, I was standing with my friend talking about camera. I asked her if I should take picture with the creative director of L’orient and she said I should. The creative director was taking picture with the MC and suddenly she waved at my direction (she waved at me, at Haziqah Hassan. Be cool).  As they finish, I approached her.

StarvingForFashion: can I have a picture with you? Together?

The creative director: sure… you’re starving for fashion right?

StarvingForFashion: Yes, I am.

I was a little surprised that she knows me. She’s way beautiful in reality. Let me tell you about her. Her name is Fida Kula, fashion designer and the creative director of L’orient. She is a Bruneian pioneer that pushes fashion boundaries with authenticity and aims to have a positive and calm attitude and experience whenever anyone wear her clothing ( Fida’s Biography)

The creative director, Fida Kula decided to launch a first year anniversary collection that was inspired by the majestic elements of the Omar Ali Saifuddien mosque, At Yayasan Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah shopping complex in Bandar Seri Begawan. The remarkable view was featuring the mosque. It was breath-taking for me.

For any event there must be food. At the end of the room was a petit desert table that I really adore. Traditional food was served on the desert table with hot tea Tarik, the perfect combination for the starving guess such as me. The food was put on handmade basket and one on a very well-known traditional game: congkak. In that table was decorated with striking tangible rosy flowers. Long wired with uncountable small bright bulb was on the table. The desert table was place at the perfect place, as we can eat while admiring the beautiful mosque.  (desert table by @truffle_moments_events)

The room was complete with 3 racks of garments in colours and designs that are, I would say, quite unique to the brand.  Three ranks for each collection (L’orient, Dayang and Wanita). My fingers were moving slowly to the clothes. I am obsessed with the quality of the fabrics. I was and still am, blown away by the exquisite design.
Picture captured by my friend at L’orient 1st year anniversary.

Before I finish this, let me just say Congratulation to each person who is involve in this bravura event. Thank you for my friend, Syafiqah to be my photographer for only a day and massive thank to Fida Kula for having me on this great prospect to be part of the celebration. Happy 1st year Anniversary L’orient! I truly provision local designers and local artistic.

The event happened a week ago on 11th February 2016. never too late to blog.



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