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OOTD | Simple Sunday

I was absurdly tired this morning. I slept late due to an outstanding event by L’orient. I will make a post based on that day. Still editing the video and I think it will take a while to do that because I’m not an expert on that kind of stuff. What should I use to make my video amazing?

I had a very simple but similar Sunday.

I rarely wear this sweater without jacket. I feel so unfashionable if I’m not wearing it with jacket but it looks good. It’s okay to be simple. I survive to be simple. To be honest, I am simple in a lazy way. Simple look but I’m still fashionista. In my dreams.

Simple sounds perfect to me.

On other news, I stared using high heels. My first high-heel is my sister’s high heels that she doesn’t use anymore. It’s killing my feet so bad. You know what I mean. Let me just applaud anyone who can wear heels for more than 5 hours. Of course, high heels make your legs fantastic but you must have some trouble if you’re a beginner as me. I have to sit most of the time because it feels so unstable but not that comfortable. Any high heels tips?

Let me end this with me being so starving for fashion

The end is just the beginning.


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