​Confession of the hijab 

The girl in the green scarf confessed that she’s a shopaholic. The movie confection of a shopaholic amazed me to think the other side of the picture. We see that shopaholic love to waste money to buy useless stuff but to be honest, they were helping the economy to grow. Those shopaholic people did something meaningful to the world that we cannot see with our bare eyes.

Everyone has something hidden in or under something. 
Now days as you can see in television or in the internet, there are a lot of shows with the name hijab on it; hijab stalista, hijabsters, seleksi hijab and others. In that show, they show how fashion is nowadays and where you can buy the muslimah clothing. They didn’t tell the story about the hijab. If you are curious to know The Hijab.  This is the place. I mean this is the confection of the hijab.

What is hijab? 

Along time ago, my answer would be a fabric material that helps us to cover our aurat for Muslim. Scarf that muslimah people wear outside the house.  Part from the school uniform is hijab and sometimes the way to cover your hair when it’s a bad hair day. But now, it is more than that. Hijab is meaningful to women who are proud to be them.
We have our confection to make.

For me, hijab is the shield. If you’re not wearing it properly then it feels unsafe. When you wear the hijab, wear it with the package that is cover the place that supposed to be covered properly and wear it with perfection. –Emy . 
Hijab, the definition itself tell that it’s a ‘cover’ and that’s what it means to me too, as a muslim woman, I wilfully wearing it to cover my aurat, from the top to the bottom. Honestly, without the hijab, I couldn’t help myself from feeling soo uncomfortable, exposed or defenceless, by that, at all means, with it, I felt safe and at ease. Last but not least. Hijab to me is Armor which protects me from being fully revealed to public. – Ukhti syurah    
So hijab to me isn’t only a piece of cloth we wear on our head or cultural thing. It represent modesty, my pride and to fulfil my duties as a Muslim. It makes me feel more safer because it protects me not only from the eyes of men, but from anyone who can value me and evaluate me based on anything other than my ability, my intellect, my heart. It freed me from my insecurities. Furthermore, it remains us to our religion and to do our best to get away from any temptations. – Izyan Naqiah Husny
Hijab to me is not just a piece of cloth that you wear to wrap around your head. It’s a lifestyle; it’s how you carry yourself. You practice what is halal, you do what is only halal and you represent yourself in the most modest possible. – The Rosie Grammar
The Hijab, one of its purpose is to cover the aurah of muslimah’s head and part of the upper body. In one way to properly be modest, is to cover the whole head except for the face and indeed to cover the chest area.

when I started to use the Hijab in a more properly manner, it is the fact that, I have believed myself to be much more beautiful and sweet. It risen such self-confidence and made me feel safe from prying eyes of non-mahrams.

Another purpose is because it is, accordingly, a law. Women are suppose to be modest, hence, the Hijab. Today’s generation are lively and personally for me, ignorant. Wearing the Hijab but wearing tight clothes. I feel wanting myself to state that, the Hijab also deserves to be respected. But that is only my opinion. -Nur

This is my confection.
As I find out the meaning of hijab, hijab is more than a piece of cloth. Hijab represent me as Muslim. With hijab, people would know that we are a Muslim; Islam is our religion. I was born as a Muslim and grow with my religion. I did what Muslim women would do, that is, cover your head with hijab. 

When my father asked me to wear hijab during Ramadan, I didn’t refuse but I just dislike it for some reason. My father didn’t force me to wear hijab, he just asked me to wear hijab. He never forces me to do things I’m not willing to do. I was 8 that time and I don’t know why Muslim women wear hijab. 

As I grow up, hijab is the trend by then. I started becoming the full-timer in the middle of 2014 after I heard about Mizz Nina’s confection. 

Maybe some people say it’s too early to be the full timer but I don’t care. It my decision and it’s my life. To be or not be.

The Hijab is sponsored by Cherrylover on instagram. Do check them to purchase yours now. Crazy sell is happening!

Extra information

 2 Types of hijab peoples from Does My Head Look Big In This? By Randa Abdel Fattah.

Full-timer: Wearing the hijab all the time, which basically means wearing it whenever you’re In the presence of males who aren’t immediate family.

Part-timer : Wearing the hijab as part of the school uniform or when go to the mosque or maybe even when having a bad hair day.

Hijab is amazing and I know if you’re also a Hijab woman, you have a confection to make. So do comment below!

Before I end this, let me say happy belated World Hijab Day! It was on the 1st of February. It took me time to write this until I forgot to publish it on time but never too late. Thank so much who did their confection in this post. Until next time, bye!


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  1. Pinkspen says:

    Beautiful words…..thank you for educating me!!!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the compliment!! I will definitely check out your blog soon! I just visit the page and loving it so much

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Pinkspen says:

        Thank you so much, i really am really grateful that you did!


  2. Liz Dexter says:

    I’m a (non-Muslim) runner and have had many conversations with Muslim ladies in my running club about getting hold of appropriate and comfortable running clothes. I am therefore really pleased that Nike have started marketing a runner-appropriate hijab made in breathable fabric. I want to help my sisters feel comfortable and safe and so try to keep informed about such things so I can help them.


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