Monthly with Nur Iman

​This is my statement, not because of ripple or indication but proud.I’m a blogger who happens to be Muslim.I am a Muslim Blogger. I don’t blog about islam but I blog in Islamic way.

Nur Iman is also a blogger and she is a Muslim Blogger. Nur Iman is an anonymous to me. She emailed me about my curiosity on one simple question and she totally blew me away with it. And here is she now, helping me discover Islamic even further.My monthly Guest Blogger at Starvingforfashion is Nur Iman. She will be posting contents every first monday of the month. I hope this collaboration will continue in the future and bring inspiration to us, who is proud to call themselves, Muslim.


For someone who has gone through changing phases, I am still struggling.

Well, Of course I’m still struggling!

If you think, for one moment that, after deciding and going through Hijrah, that’s it. No, my fellow friends. Absolutely not.

You see Hijrah is one thing, Istiqomah is another.

Hijrah means change. 
From being what you were as ignorant to able to do what Allah tells you to do. 
From being bad to being good.
Hijrah is something you should account for because it is in matter of fact, will make your mind and heart in peace.

If you’re someone who is easily angered, easily anxious, full of depression, 24/7 frustration, swearing here and there, always mouthing digusted and horrid things behind people’s back. Then, should I recommend you to find what you should truly find. Find Allah my sisters. Your heart is nothing but dusted with sins. It is a fact in which that it is so dusty that it is already picth black. It is empty even if you are enjoying your life with Dunya.

Find Him to where your heart will be at peace, your life and your plans will go smoothly. Love Him and His Prophet S.A.W as to your heart’s content that you have absolutely no space for Dunya.

I know going through change is not an easy thing. Moreover, having to maintain it is much more harder. But I guarantee you, it will be all worth it.

If you are asking me, in what way is Hijrah? Hijrah is in many ways;
From being a free hair to wearing Hijab.
From wearing Hijab to wearing a much proper Hijab (completely just showing the face and covering the chestal area)
From wearing Hijab to adding Niqab (optional. Islam does not force) 
From not covering aurah to covering everything except for the face and the hands.
From ignoring Salah to practicing them daily.
From not knowing how to read to being able to memorize the words of the Quran.
From couple/dating to lowering your gaze from the non mahrams.
From eating alot to always having sunnatul saums every monday and thursday;
And much, much more.

If you have decided on taking this journey to change for His sake, then I pray that you keep on maintaining your Ieeman. I cannot congratulate you because that congratulation will come when I see you in Jannah.

If you are asking me on how to maintain your doings when you have already Hijrah-ed, then I shall share it with you on the next session/entry InShaAllah.

I am not forcing you to accept my opinions.
Apologies for my less detailed writings.
May Allah accept for all that I have said.
Nur Iman.


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