Forgiveness for a friend

Who am I to you? Just A Friend We don't talk like we used too. We never talk. You texted but I never reply. Cause your words cut deeper than a knife. My heart is full with your words. When I see your face, I remember your words. I have nothing to say to you.… Continue reading Forgiveness for a friend

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L’orient 1st year anniversary

The entrance door was wide open to allowed people to enter. The indication on the board stated that this is place where L'orient was having their 1st year anniversary. The event was imbued with ostentatious decoration. There was a tree with golden leaves and bright fruit bulb. Incandescent neon purple well-lit the L’orient symbol. It… Continue reading L’orient 1st year anniversary

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​Confession of the hijab 

The girl in the green scarf confessed that she’s a shopaholic. The movie confection of a shopaholic amazed me to think the other side of the picture. We see that shopaholic love to waste money to buy useless stuff but to be honest, they were helping the economy to grow. Those shopaholic people did something… Continue reading ​Confession of the hijab 

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Life | In January, January In Life.

Shall I describe January... January is the first month of the year. It’s the month to start a new life and begin an adventure. Here are few things that happened in January. 01| high school life This is the last year of me being a high school student. Mix with every feeling. Crazy things to… Continue reading Life | In January, January In Life.