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Personal | 7 goals for 2017

What should I do in 2017?

I want to make this year even better than last year (2016 is the worse of the worse year). The previous years, I set only one goal for one year. This year I want to try a lot of new things and here are my top 7 goals this year. Wish me luck!

These are my top 7 goals for 2017.

01|One notebook for a year
Every year I have to buy at least two notebooks and I never filled the whole notebook. It’s such a waste of money and paper. This year I will start to do one notebook for a year and to fill the whole book if I can. Can I?

02| Travel (to place I never)

I don’t travel much. I had been to Kuala Lumpur when I was eleven if I’m not mistaken. I don’t remember anything when I was there. There was nothing fun to do that time. I just remember that we spent most of our time walking and in the taxi. We exchanging hotel every 2 nights (#exhausted). Sandakan is my father’s hometown and there is nothing fun to do there. There are mini zoo places at Sandakan and I have been to all of them. I don’t really like to watch animals, I want to pet them but I can’t. The place I always always go to is Kota kinabalu, the place where I shop until loose (goodbye money!).

I had been to Kuala Lumpur, Sandakan and Kota kinabalu. That’s mean I only had been to Malaysia then. I want to expand my travel life to other country then Malaysia. I truly love Malaysia but I’m used to that country. I am half Malaysian.

03| Do my own makeup

I really love seeing people do their makeup. I am totally clueless about makeup. I never know how to do my own makeup. I should learn how to do it. Beauty goal! I can do #MOTD on my blog. Let’s see the future!

Who can I ask for help on this?

04| Be a consistent blogger

How can I balance between my school life and my blog life?

It’s just the first month of school and I had a lot of schoolwork to do. This goal can help me to be with my blog. My favourite goals this year is to be consistent with my blog. I will post a new blog post every Saturday and maybe if I have something to blog about, I will post it every Wednesday. I think I should add videos to my blog if I have an idea to make one (do you have any ideas?). StarvingForFashion is my place to share everything in my life. Watch out for a post every Saturday.

05| Novel time

I’m not a bookworm kind of person but I do enjoy reading. I read two novels last year. This year is my last year of high school and I really want to spent time on studying and read novels. My high school have two reading room (senior and junior). Senior reading room have hundreds of books that some are hard to find in Brunei. Every year I read at least three books but last year I read only two. This year my aim is to read five books or more from senior reading room before my o’level exam. I need to improve my English. Any tips?

06| spend times with love ones.

Family and friends are a part of my life and I can’t live without them. Last year I didn’t have time to hang out with my friends, so maybe this year I could make plans with them before we go out of high school year.

07| study for a bright future

As you know, this year is my last high school and I will be doing my O’level exam. I’m not aiming for the O’s but I’m aiming for the A’s. I really truly want great excellent result. My future is depending on it. My classmate and I even made a deal with my math teacher, if we all get A* for our maths D. He will bring us to Singapore. I have never been to Singapore. If it did happen that will go to my goal number 2. I have to remember my education is my future, my future is my life.

I used last high school year a lot in my goals. I guess I want 2017 to be the year I will never forget. This is the last, 2017 is the last high school year. I wish to achieve my goals and I hope you will achieve your goals. This is my goal for 2017. What’s yours?



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