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Food | 2016 Last Breakfast at Little Audrey’s

“Good Morning mam”, as I entered through the dream door. The last breakfast for 2016 was spent with my amazing mother and two beautiful sisters. To be honest, it was a forced morning for me to wake-up early then my usual wakeup time but it was worth it. As it was my oldest sister’s breakfast treat, she got to choose the place but she was clueless to choose the perfect breakfast spot for me, my other sister and my mother. We all wanted different breakfast, I wanted something western breakfast but as for my mother, she wanted rice for breakfast. When it’s time to get our feet out of the car, I hesitate for a while. I seriously don’t know the café and that was my vey first time having breakfast at little Audrey’s. Little Audrey’s was the last breakfast 2016 and it is 100% worth it.


“Table for 4 please”, the waiter welcome us with a smile on his face. He pulled my chair to allow me to sit on the comfy white chair. We order the food that we wanted right after he handout the means.  Before our meal is served, we took pictures of the café to show we were there for the last day of 2016.  The service there was a bit slow; I got to be honest on that because customer is their responsibly to be entertained by them with what the customer want (I mean food, ofc). The food is worth waiting for. The café was packed with people that morning.

I was here at little Audrey’s

I’m not sure when this cafe is opened but I can grantee it still new in town. The reviews on social media were outstanding with the fantastic pictures of the food and place. The entire concept of the café is Instagram-worthy backdrop although the café is petit. The thing I love the most in the café is the quotes; I am a quotes lover. Outside the café, was the great background to take picture (#OOTDs), we take turns to do our picture of the day in froth of the café to show how we enjoy our last breakfast.

I got my western breakfast: little Audrey’s breakfast. Chicken ham and beautiful egg are my favorite; I am absolutely in love. Added with Butter corrosion that was bigger than my mouth and super soft corrosion. Little Audrey’s serves it with Sausage, Red bean sauce and Grill potato cover with Mushroom sauce. I truly couldn’t ask for more for BND 9.90.

I give the food 9/10. Hence, little Audrey’s wins the breakfast taste.

Lastly, enjoy a photo of me being the very starving girl.

starving face

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