Life | Blessed 2016

December is the last month of the year and January is the first month of the year. It’s almost New Year and I will definitely remember 2016; the year of new experience. Before we drive ourselves into 2017, let us reflect upon what shaped us in 2016.

Sometimes the feelings of disappointments come to us when the year is come to an end. We blamed ourselves for not achieving our determination and end up being a failure. Look at our failures and bring it to reflex who we are. Ones you failed, doesn’t mean you fail forever and it’s never too late to try something. Fight for your dreams, make new determination and try to get your previous determination again, and achieve it. Everything is worth fighting for.

This post is about my definitive moments of 2016 that I’m so blessed.

  1. Life as an express science student.

In 2015, I got the express class because of my SPE results especially my maths result. Over almost 400 students in year 8 that year, only the top 10 will be in the express class and I’m one of them.

It’s really difficult to beat the other 9 intelligent students in my class. I was straggling in year 9 and I hope I would not straggle in year 10 (2017). I can’t attend my afternoon class for express lesson because I was still stuck in agama school doing my SSSRU examination. Balancing between my high school and agama school at the same time was very tricky. I learn a lot throughout my educational life and reading Vivy Yusof’s blog, inspired me to not take education and exam lightly.

  1. family and friendship

Being the youngest in my family was sometimes a blessing for me. Love from my both parents is always a blessing; I’m truly blessed to still have them beside me all the time. They are my number one supporter and my forever love. As for my sibling, they are awesome. Without them, I am not the person I am today.

Finding the prefect friend in the world is very hard because no one is perfect. I don’t need a perfect friend; I just need an honest friend. That’s why; I have Amal Azimah as my true best friend. Thanks to Allah for meeting me and her on our first year of high school. 3 years on friendship was made with many unforgettable memories; we did almost everything together.

  1. I stared my own blog

A week after my 15th birthday; when I decided to make my very own blog. I wouldn’t have done this without the support from my best friend; Amal Azimah and the tips from my sister.

Honestly, I don’t have any passion in writing. I don’t like to write and I have a little problem with my English. Doing this blogging, it is absolutely fun and it help free my mind for a while, and I hope its help to increases my English.

  1. Study new things that I never plan in my life.

Learning pure science; physics, chemistry and biology was very interesting and I also study Additional Maths. Suddenly from nowhere, I did some research based on fashion and I never thought I was into fashion. I stared reading people’s blog and it’s so amazing to read their opinion on fashion.

The blogs that I really adore are Vivy Yusof, Ajeeratul Abdullah, Nabeela Fadzil and Zahra Zamari.

  1. The last but not the least.

I was so confused when I first started doing Ugama School and I did remember asking my parent why I have to go Ugama School but they didn’t replay anything to me. Years after years of doing my ugama school, the answer to my question is on my heart and mind. The purposes of Ugama School are to know our creator, Allah and to gain knowledge about our religion, Islam.

Got to be honest, when I was a kid, I don’t like to go to Ugama School because I was tired after doing my morning school, being bullied by classmate and the anger face teacher who doesn’t care about me, she’s pilih kasih until now I guess. I will definitely remember that anger face teacher; she was the first teacher who failed me and the first teacher to change my life upside down. In 2012, I had to repeat my year 2 of Ugama School after the year of my failed. I stared learning very hard to show her who she is messing with. Now, I think I am intelligent (I hope, wish and pray).

The unforgettable moment in Ugama School, when I was the prefect at my ugama school. I gain experience throughout the 2 year of being a prefect. It super hard to take care of kids and being the little helper for the teachers.

My KatamAlQuranDay was fantastic but I didn’t remember much. I did remember that I was wearing makeup done by my sister. When I look at the mirror, I transform into a bride face. This is the first time in my entire life I wear complete makeup on my face. I got a lot of complement from people including the guest of honor.

Farewell 2016 and welcome 2017

As we say goodbye to 2016, we have to thank Allah for everything that happened in 2016 and the years before. Pray that the future is going to be even better. I really appreciate everything that I have accomplished throughout the year and without my loved ones, I am nothing. Syukur alhamdulilah, I’m so blessed with 2016. To be honest, 2016 is the worst year of my life but I’m still blessed about 2016.



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