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This post is my introduction to the blogging world and I thought this is the great way to do it by only using the word-starving, to describe why am I starving for fashion?

The word starving is very common that I use in my daily life especially when it comes to meal time. People often use the word hungry but as for me, I prefer to use the word staving to replace the word hungry. FOOD is part of my life.

Hailee Steinfeld is one of my favorite singers and I truly love her voice. Her song starving is in my 2016 music list and that song describes my feeling on clothes and fashion. I am truly addicted to that song.



As I reached the age of fifteen, it had been an interesting turn of life when I decided to become a blogger. My liking throughs fashion world is not curiosity but passion. Discovering the fashion world out there was a mind changing for me. I stared to know people in the fashion world who are very inspiring and they amazed me with their skills.

To wrap it up, this is the place I shared my journey of life and mostly about fashion because I’m starving for fashion. My name is Haziqah and welcome to my blog.



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