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Kampong Girl

What does it takes to be a Kampong Girl? Is it simply a girl who lives in a Kampong area? Oh.. oh.. Balik Kampong! It's almost raya! Just a day (or two) of fasting and then the next thing is Eid. Or I love to say 'RAYA!' After a month of fasting, we celebrate it… Continue reading Kampong Girl


Happy Ramadan 2018

Ramadan, the special month in Islamic calendar that only come once a year. It's the month to count our blessing and be grateful than ever. I always looking forward to experience another fasting month every year. So endure patiently with beautiful patience Ramadan teach me how to be patience. If you know me well, I… Continue reading Happy Ramadan 2018

Ask The Blogger

Asked The Blogger | TheBloomingChick

I am also like you, a blog reader. That's one of the reason why I decided to open this space. To share and to connect with people around the world. To know people's perspective. To gain knowledge of understanding. Ever since I start blogging, I become curious to know about blogger's background. I decided to… Continue reading Asked The Blogger | TheBloomingChick